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The Silent Ranks

Wives of the US Army

Silent Ranks Of The Army
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About The Community
This community is for wives of soldiers in the US Army to get together for support, encouragement, and general chit chat about the lifestyle. Feel free to ask questions, lend advice, and share your experiences.

Community Guidelines
1. Please observe OPSEC at all times. Do not share troop movements, unit names, or anything other than where you are stationed.
2. Absolutely NO DRAMA.
3. Wives of the Army (including National Guard and Army Reserves) only may join.
4. You must have an active journal here on lj so that we know you are who you say you are.

To join
Leave a comment with the following information (comments are screened):
LJ Name:
Husband's MOS (job in the army):
Current Duty Station:
Years Married:
Years In Service:
Link To Your LJ:
Friends Only?: